Imperium Romanum II

Imperium Romanum II Announcement Trailer

Ave, praefectus!

When in Rome, do as the Romans do - but when in Imperium Romanum 2, do as you wish.

Set in the days of ancient Rome’s rise to glory, this historic city builder puts the power in your hands to develop and expand your city from small settlement to thriving Mediterranean metropolis.
Imperium Romanum II releases in Fall 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4/5, and Xbox One / Series X|S.

Main Features

Imperium Romanum II in-game screenshot showing a view of a Roman city

Sic parvis magna

From humble beginnings, your settlement in Imperium Romanum 2 will grow from small village to sprawling metropolis with over 70 types of buildings, with splendour rivalling that even of Rome itself.

Imperium Romanum II in-game screenshot showing a zoomed-in view of government buildings

Manus manum lavat

As a successful governor, vie for the favour of the Senate and deal with seven powerful noble families. Your political standing will shape the future of your city.

Imperium Romanum II in-game screenshot showing a Roman army

Divide et impera

Raise armies from over 30 types of military units to defend your city and command Roman legions against barbarian invaders, Carthaginians and Greeks.

Imperium Romanum II in-game screenshot showing a battle between Romans and barbarians

Veni, vidi, vici

Experience history first-hand in a story-driven campaign. Meet with historical figureheads such as Julius Caesar, Hannibal, and Vercingetorix.


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